Lightroom Presets: Best Mobile Filter Packs for 2019 (+FREEBIE)

Are you wondering why Lightroom presets have become increasingly popular and talked about on social media? Almost every photographer, Instagramer or visual content creator has been talking about their editing process with the Adobe application. 

But don’t despair if you feel like you’re not part of the club just because you’re not a professional photographer or editor! Lightroom works for everybody no matter how much you know about editing in photography. Especially mobile presets for Lightroom continue to raise significant awareness amongst avid social media users, as they basically do the work for you by providing professional editing in just one click.

We’ll walk you through the editing process with Lightroom presets and bring you up to speed in terms of professional editing standards for social media. So you never have to worry about losing track of your Instagram or blog theme again!

Shot with the iPhone x and edited with our California preset pack

What are Lightroom presets?

Lightroom presets work like Instagram filters, but on a much more professional level as they provide you with a more fine-grained editing. Both the mobile and the desktop version of the tool offer predefined settings, which unite numerous editing settings into one click. Lightroom filters thus create the opportunity to capture a consistent photo style in your IG feed without the hassle of trying to achieve a similar look for each photo individually.

What are Mobile Presets?

As touched upon above, Lightroom CC mobile presets give you the possibility to achieve a consistent and coherent photo style by putting a professional looking, individually adjustable Instagram filter on your photos with just one click. Moreover, editing with the app is super fast and easily accessible wherever you go. This makes the whole editing incredibly convenient as it can be done on the go right on your smartphone with mobile presets. The perfect travel essential for keeping up with your social media on the go!

Whenever you’re editing a photo with Lightroom app presets now, you can simply select your favorite preset from the editing bar at the bottom and it’ll be added directly onto your uploaded photo.

Why Lightroom Presets can help you upgrade your Instagram photos

For an on-point Instagram feed, organisation and a coherent theme or style is key. This is exactly where Lightroom presets come into play, since they guarantee a consistent look on all your photos through predefined editing settings, which are applied to every single photograph. This will seriously up your Instagram game!

Edited with our Dreamy Paris preset pack

Trending Photo Styles & Influencer Presets

When it comes to styles, everyone has a different taste. However, there are a couple of styles that are particularly popular on Instagram. Here’s some inspiration for your next photo tour and editing session!


Cinematic is the style of choice when shooting concrete urban jungles and cityscapes, but also impressive nature shots. It’s a very moody and charismatic style, which is coined by desaturated colors. The cinematic characteristics in terms of colors is a focus on blacks and whites, while warmer tones of oranges, yellows and skintones are brought out when present in the photos. Have a look at Alen Palender’s feed for some style inspiration!

Edited with our Dark Urban preset pack


The vintage look has a lot of parallels to the moody urban look in that it is also quite desaturated and toned down. However, this style is a lot lighter. The vintage look focuses on neutral colors like white, nude, sand and overall earthy tones and uses one soft color throughout the theme to create a connection between each photo. Kayla Seah’s Instagram feed is the perfect example how to rock this style! Check out or blog article on how to shoot and edit like Kayla Seah aka notyourstandard.

Edited with our Minimal Nudes preset pack


This one suits avid travellers incredibly well. The vibrant travel photo style creates an astonishing, awe-worthy look with deep blues and turquoise, blush pinks and golden sunset yellow. Let’s get travelling!

Before and after edited with our Travel Collection


Palm trees, golden sunrays, sandy beaches and cotton candy stands on the promenade. All this inspires the sunset lovers photo style, which captures the sunshine state lifestyle and makes this an ideal choice for Instagram feeds that focus on a warmer editing look. Have a look here to see how you can rock this photo style!

Edited with our California preset pack

Some quick-fire questions on Lightroom and presets answered for you

To wrap up, we’ll answer your most burning questions on Adobe Lightroom Mobile CC and the Lightroom presets in a quick-fire manner for you to get ready for your first professional preset editing.

Do I need a software to use the presets?

Yes, you need the Smartphone App “Lightroom Mobile CC” which is free or “Adobe Lightroom Classic/CC” to use our presets.

Important note for desktop users: Please make sure you have done the most recent upgrades to Lightroom CC & Lightroom Classic CC for desktop. Our Desktop presets are XMP files.

Can I use the presets on my smartphone?

Yes sure! All presets which you can find in our shop are designed for the smartphone app. You will receive DNG Preset Files which are compatible with Lightroom CC Mobile. You will also receive installation instructions with your digital download. Don’t worry – its easy!
The Lightroom app for smartphones is completely FREE of course.

I’m new to Lightroom, can I still use presets? 

Yes, you can! That’s the beauty of using presets. We did all the coloring for you, so you can simply apply the presets to your pictures with only one click. You might need to do some additional adjustments to get your individual perfect results on every shot.

Do I need a professional camera?

No, you don’t necessarily need one. Especially when shooting and editing your photos on the go without massive amounts of equipment, a smartphone camera is more than enough given that the quality of smartphone cameras nowadays is incredibly good. 

However, most of the time you can see a difference in quality and depth if you shoot with a professional camera like a DSLR. But that’s completely up to you, your habits, and of course your budget.

Do you offer any freebies?

Yes, you can get our Basic Blogger mobile preset for free! It’s the perfect choice if you are looking for some basic edits to get used to presets. Just use the code FREEBIE01on checkout and get our Lightroom mobile preset for free! You can find our secret Basic Blogger preset HERE. Check out the products in our shop if you are looking for a stronger or special look.

Before + After edit. Get your secret Basic Blogger mobile preset HERE & get it for free using the coupon code FREEBIE01 on checkout

Where do I get your presets?

Feel free to take a closer look at our presets in our shop which you can find HERE.

When you’ve read this far, we can safely welcome you in the Lightroom club. You now know all the necessary basics around the editing process with Lightroom and Lightroom mobile presets to up your social media game. We’re now curious to see how you use the filters for your editing. Send us your favorite edits and photo styles, we’d love to see them!