Have you ever looked at a particular photo or an Instagram feed and just went ‘wow’? The creativity, emotions and different universes that can be conveyed in a single shot are truly amazing. But what if you can’t seem to find that one idea, location or composition to get the perfect content for your feed?

Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. And photographers and content creators alike would lie if they told you that they constantly come up with great ideas. But what can you do when you’re in creative funk and don’t know how to shake it off? 

There’s an easy solution…


How to create the perfect Instagram content

Firstly, remember that practice is key. The more often you pick up your camera or your phone to shoot, the more experiences you gain. This not only helps you learn and understand your camera from a technical standpoint, but also does it give you the possibility to train your eye and develop a feeling for catchy photo motives.

And secondly, find inspiration. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel. There are a lot of great ideas out there already, which can inspire you to start your own projects. Seek out your favorite ideas of other bloggers and try to do them yourself. Just save them to an inspiration folder on Pinterest or Instagram. By doing so, chances are you’ll find your own edge and interpretation of motives.

How to start you ask yourself?

Easy. We’ve gathered 11 creative IG photo ideas that you can get to work with today. You won’t need any high-end camera equipment or spend hours and hours editing the photos afterwards. Most of the photo ideas in this blog can be easily realized with a couple of small tools that you can find at home. Let’s get started!


11 Instagram content ideas to design a perfect feed


Wether they’re motivational, inspirational or witty, quotes remain a go-to photo motive on Instagram. This trend enables you to both have a nice polished look for your feed and also find an easy way to connect with likeminded people on Instagram. Why not try to place a quote here and there to create patterns in your feed? Apps like Canva offer you a million options to create your individual quote.

2. Follow me to…

We’ve seen this photo idea especially on travel blogs and travel-related Instagram feeds. Are you currently on tour with your favorite travel buddy? Then this IG photo idea might be worth trying out today. This composition literally takes you places just by looking at the photo. Russian photographer Murad Osmann has coined the ‘follow me to’-trend with his epic photo series on Instagram. How it works? Simply take your travel buddy’s hand and let them guide you to the most stunning landmarks and sightseeing spots while taking the picture. This will make your travel photos ten times more interesting, promised!

3. Flatlays

An Instagram essential for a couple of seasons now is the flatlay. Find a theme for your flatlay and lay out items you connect to that theme. This could basically be any theme like fitness, work or Sunday still life. Be sure to make it as orderly and visually pleasing as possible. Choose one hero item and place it together with other items that fit the story you want to tell on a neutral background like a white bed sheet or wooden planks and take a shot from above. Make sure to pay attention to an even focus. Why not use a colored background instead to make your flatlay pop even more?

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4. From where I stand

This IG photo idea is quite an eye-catcher because it gives the impression of the viewer seeing the world through the photographer’s eyes.

With only your feet or hands visible in the photo frame, this creative photo composition is perfect for when you want to showcase interesting patterns on the floor or stunning views, while adding a layer of excitement and dimension to it rather than simply showing a flat image.

Edited with our California pack

5. From where I drone

This is the upgrade from the previous photo style – the drone shot. Becoming increasingly popular with photographers, the impressive “From where I drone”-photo has made its way onto many feeds. How to pull it off? Well, there’s no way around a little help from a tool here, namely a drone, to get the stunning bird-eye perspective. You can recreate this style by finding spots that are high enough above ground to give it this particular depth. But never risk your safety for a photo, guys! 

Edited with our Tropical Blues pack

6. Behind the scenes

Who doesn’t like to catch a glimpse behind the scenes to see what’s really going on? Behind the scenes-shots are a great way to bring some authenticity and personality to your IG feed. Are you a cinematographer, photographer or a creative in other fields and want to showcase the process behind the final product? Or you’re an avid foodie who wants to find new aesthetic ways of composing your food photography by adding the prep work that goes into your final product with some ‘Instagram vs. reality’ shots? Then let’s go ahead and show the world what’s going on behind the lens! 

Edited with our Minimal Blogger pack

7. Bokeh

For compelling bokeh photography, there are a couple of key aspects to take into consideration to get the most beautiful shot. Most of them are related to camera settings, so let’s dive right into the technicals.

Bokeh images are coined by a blurry light source functioning as a smooth background. To achieve this blurriness, find a light source like fairy lights or natural light sources like sunlight and sun flares and defocus them. Additionally, increase the roundness and width of the light spots by using the widest aperture your lens offers to achieve a nicely rounded and wide bokeh. Moreover, make sure to use a long focal length and zoom. Usually a focal length of 50-120mm is doing just right, play around with different focal lengths and zoom here to get your favorite bokeh. 

Edited with our Minimal Blogger pack

Composition-wise, the distance between the subject or model you want to be in focus and the light source serving as the defocused blurry background is crucial. Try different distances to find out which appeals to you most. Usually, it’s the further the better.

8. Minimalism

Minimalism has gotten a lot of attention in recent years and has evolved into quite a movement. No matter the style or theme you go for in your blog or Instagram feed, this trending photo idea will instantly create a thumb-stopper. Following the credo ‘less is more’, this composition style is an awesome way to tell stories. Yet, minimalist photography doesn’t mean that there’s hardly anything in the photo, but rather that there’s one object without a lot of additional staging around it. Take a look at Ivana Cook’s feed to get an impression of how this can look like!

How to pull it off? Firstly, use soft lighting like morning light to nicely accentuate the shadows and highlights in the same frame. And secondly and most importantly, grasp the very core of what’s going on in the photo. A good technique to find a suitable proportion is the rule of 3rd, which means that you split the photo in thirds and place your object in one of them depending on the focus of your composition. This way you automatically get a much more spacious and minimalist feeling for the image.

Edited with our Minimal Whites pack

9. Smoke grenades & color powder

Talking about feelings. Smoke grenades and color powder are a wonderful option to add drama to an image. Smoke grenades are easily accessible to buy online and will give you around 70-80 seconds of colorful smoke. This isn’t much to get the perfect dramatic shot, so we’d recommend rehearsing the shot and have everything ready like lighting and final composition before starting the smoke grenade. 

Composition-wise, there are a lot of cool things you can try with colorful smoke. You can let your model hold it and move it around to create colorful smoke waves or you can place it beneath the model or next to him or her to add a layer of excitement to the model’s pose. But always make sure to follow the safety instructions of the smoke grenades you use!

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Color powder like the one used at Holi festivals is a good alternative if you don’t want to mess around with anything that lights up like smoke grenades. Throwing the powder at your model or object might get a bit messy. Hence, you can also prepare the model in advance and manually apply color powder on the model’s face or clothes. 

10. The image within the image

This one helps you create an interesting edge to the typical (sightseeing) shots. Instead of taking a picture of the point of interest directly, take a picture on your phone and then take another picture showing the screen of your phone with the initial photo you took while positioning the actual point of interest blurred in the background. Talk about inception here!

Edited with our Dreamy Paris pack

11. Statement clothing

Do you have a cool piece of clothing that stands out like a big hat or a bright yellow jacket? Use this as a statement piece and repeating element in your photos!

Not only does it draw the attention to your photo when there’s something unusual or unexpected in it like a bright yellow spot in the middle of a neutral landscape, but also does it create a connection and a theme for your IG feed. Two birds with one stone, I’d say!

Edited with our California pack

What are your favorite creative photo ideas? We’d love to see some of the ideas above or your own fun creations put into action! Just tag us on your Instagram posts! 🙂

If you didn’t already want to spend your next weekend out in the city taking cool photos, after scrolling through Kayla Seah’s Instagram feed you definitely do! Award-winning lifestyle blogger Kayla Seah gives us major photography inspiration with her well thought through Instagram feed and her lifestyle website NotYourStandard.com.

The Toronto-based blogger with a background in fashion design originally started her online presence as a creative outlet to bundle all the inspiration she got from living in vibrant and artsy cities like New York and Berlin. Fast forward a couple of years, she has now turned her Instagram and lifestyle website into one of the most aesthetic photo blogs having created a unique editing style.

Let’s find out how you can create a similar look for your Instagram feed as well!

Edited with our Minimal Browns preset pack

How to take photos like Kayla

Content & composition

Kayla showcases a variety of different contents on her Instagram feed ranging from on point outfits to beauty and lifestyle products all the way to a lot of envy-worthy travel content mixed with occasional still life or interior shots. Her style throughout these photos is always very minimalistic, but never lacks to portray her sense of classy feminine style combined with a touch of urban street style every now and then.

Taking a closer look at the composition of Kayla’s photos, it becomes obvious that she’s no stranger to modelling. Her photos are mostly center-oriented shots with her in the foreground. Even though you can guess that Kayla has put a little thought in the composition before actually taking the photo, she still manages to make it look authentic by using a lot of natural body movements. If you’re feeling a bit uncomfortable doing the more extreme posing in public to create a bigger silhouette like Kayla does it, you can also try more casual poses like putting your hands in your pockets while slightly looking down to one side. Usually it always helps to take a couple more photos, so feel free to move around a little, try different gestures and facial expressions to capture the most authentic „you“ in your shots.

Edited with our Minimal Nudes preset pack

Kayla not only is a pro when it comes to finding the most flattering poses, but also does she perfect the consistent and cohesive Instagram look with her very own composition and editing style. She achieves to create a calm atmosphere in her photos making sure to have a clean background showing her in everyday situations like running errands with a cup of coffee in her hand.

Why not make use of that simple brick wall you are passing by on your next shopping spree, the underground station or a random café or building as a calm background? More often than not do simple unagitated backgrounds instantly make your photos more minimalistic naturally driving the attention towards the center and foreground of the photo – namely you!

Camera Equipment of Kayla

Kayla usually doesn’t mention what kind of camera equipment she uses to take her stunning photos, but given the rather unstyled and unstaged locations and everyday situations showcased in the photos, we reckon it’s most likely a compact yet versatile travel camera or sometimes a smartphone camera, which you have with you anyways for an impromptu photo shoot. 

How to edit Instagram photos like Kayla Seah

Kayla aka notyourstandard has a very distinct style of editing her photos and using color throughout her Instagram feed. She focuses a lot on neutral colors like white, nude and sand as base tones with pops of red and orange. Kayla says herself that she always uses white in her photos to give it a consistent look and connect the photos with each other. Thus, try to find one calm and neutral color like earth tones that you include in every single photo as the red thread throughout your feed to achieve this cohesive style.

If you want to edit your photos like Kayla, you can focus on a couple of settings and features:

  • Increase contrast
  • Decrease overall saturation a bit to get that toned down neutral look
  • Bring out skin tones by increasing hues of red and orange and decreasing the other colors as well as the luminance
  • To get the desert-y look, increase the hues orange and red and their saturation until you’re happy with the result

Besides, you can choose earthy tones and use the split-toning – just play around with the settings to find your own Kayla Seah-inspired style!

Kayla Seah-inspired Instagram filters and Lightroom presets

If you want to create a cohesive and aesthetic toned-down look on your blog or Instagram feed and edit like Kayla Seah, you don’t have to have professional editing skills. There are a few tricks and tools that do the job for you like mobile presets! Presets are predetermined positions of some or all of the setting sliders in Lightroom with which you can make sure that you have the same editing style on each photo. Lightroom presets also save you a ton of time, as you can very easily edit in just one click – no matter if you’re editing on your desktop or smartphone.

Head over to our shop to check out our range of Lightroom presets available both as a mobile and desktop version including our Minimal Nudes and Minimal Browns Pack to get your Kayla Seah inspired look! 


Swedish-born fashion blogger and model Erik Forsgren certainly wows with his stunning Instagram feed. The content creator, who also runs the fashion and travel website TheNorthernMan.se, is known for working with top notch brands like Calvin Klein and Daniel Wellington.

On top of that, he has a big following on Instagram where he curates travel, fashion and lifestyle inspiration. His feed has a soothing calm vibe to it with nuances of grey, white and light blue bringing out contrasts and dark skin tones for a clean and desaturated style.

Let’s have a look at how you can create the charismatic Forsgren-style for your Instagram feed!

How to take photos like Erik

Content & composition

The content of Erik’s feed ranges from outfit inspirations and lifestyle shots to a look at his latest travel destinations across the globe with his wife, Swedish fashion and travel influencer Victoria Törnegren, and their little daughter Ellie.

Erik has a very distinct way to compose his photos. He usually takes center stage giving us a full glance at his favorite outfits and the location he’s shooting in. However, he’s hardly ever directly facing the camera, but looking in one direction. This gives the impression of world beyond the photo frame and adds a little more depth to it. It also supports the notion of a spontaneous shot rather than a staged professional photo shoot. 

You can achieve this look by positioning yourself or your model in the center of the photo and start composing from there. If you don’t know right away, which pose looks best on camera, move around, take a sip of your coffee, look into different directions, focus on different parts of your outfit, try different backgrounds and take as many photos as necessary to find your favorite photo composition. 


Erik uses „everyday“ accessories in his photos to give them a bit of an authentic touch. You can find objects like newspapers, cans of soft drinks, bags or other items or he lets his fiancée and little daughter star in his photos with him.

Why not try to play around with different items you often use to give your photos a lively and unstaged look?


Camera Equipment of Erik Forsgren

Erik says of himself that he’s not a photographer in the first place, but loves to learn and play around with new functions and filters. He usually doesn’t tag or include any information about the camera he uses to take his photos, but we do know that he has a thing for Olympus and their stylish Pen-F camera model as you can also read on his blog. 

The Olympus Pen-F is an extremely compact and very stylish camera with a retro touch, which also passes as a great accessory, according to Erik. It has a great size and is perfect if you want to bring your camera along on your next city trip or vacation. It’s a very versatile camera, as there are a lot of so called fixed focal lengths with a small aperture available. By opening the aperture, you get that blurred background that a lot of photographers and influencers use to steer the attention towards the center of the photo.

How to edit Instagram photos like Erik Forsgren

If you want to edit your photos like Erik Forsgren, there are a few tricks and tweaks you can do to get this cool and desaturated look. We’ve created a guide for you to follow and play around with so that you can get your favorite photo style for your Instagram feed or blog. Here are a few things to look out for in the editing process:

  • Low exposure
  • High contrast
  • Bring out shadows and blacks
  • Decrease saturation, but focus on bringing out the skin tones
  • Here’s how to edit the skin tones: Increase hue of the red and orange and push up the saturation, but lower the overall luminance. Take out the yellows, greens, light blues, purple and light purple through completely decreasing the saturation and finally, decrease blue just a little
  • For the overall clean and cool look bring up the clarity and dehaze it a little bit 
  • In the details, increase sharpening, noise reduction and also the color noise reduction for the edgy finish

You can add a vignette to round off the photo, just play around with the basic setting to find your own Forsgren-inspired style!

Erik Forsgren-inspired Instagram filter and Lightroom presets

If you want to create a stunning photo look and edit like Erik Forsgren, you don’t have to be a professional photographer or editing pro. You can simply use mobile presets to up your Instagram game! Lightroom presets work like Instagram filters, but without the manual adjusting. Presets are predefined settings, which enable you to edit each photo with the same parameters to achieve a consistent look in your Instagram feed or blog – quick and easy in just one click. 

Head over to our shop to check out our range of Lightroom presets available both as a mobile and desktop version including our Minimal Blacks Pack to get an Erik Forsgren inspired look!